[[ SIMS 2 ]] Allies Move!

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FFFT. Just cleaned out my snapshot folder and my PB so I'm feelin' good about this. *dizzy*

So yeah. This post includes...
- the Allies move into a giant ass home and do stupid shit
- Fucking hilarious facial expressions

I know I promised a friend I'd include Greece, but I kinda wanted to get pictures of the new move, etc. The Greece/Japan date will be posted tomorrow

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[cc] Blend Mode

Back again, bringing more recolors of Maxis paintings! How exciting, right? Welp, I figured I should do something involving more Hetalia themed artwork for those of you who may enjoy Hetalia up on your walls. Instead of simply throwing on official art or fan art, I decided to use some old wallpapers I designed from my (dead) graphics website. So it's Hetalia, but it's also design-y.

A buttload of choices, all different colors, good variety of characters. They are numbered so pick and choose, my fellow Simmers. A grand total of 24 recolors of "Grilled Cheese" (base game) and like always, you'll need the CEP for these to show up. They're numbered so pick and choose which you want. I take absolutely NO credit for the artwork used. I only take credit for the design element of each picture. Enjoy~ ;)

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[custom content] Synthetic Ecstasy

15 recolors of Surfing the Universe. Requires Nightlife (sorry!) and of course, the Color Enable Package (CEP). Not all of these are Constructivist or even real Soviet prop but most are so I just rolled with it. Originally, I was going to do various political posters but became instantly intrigued by the Soviet's style. It's so freakin' sweet ass. 

The CEP can be found HERE and might I suggest taking a look at some of the Surfing the Universe add on's found HERE. Who knows, you may find them quite useful. :)


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